Back in 2008, we committed to developing a comprehensive strategy for responsible behaviour towards the environment and society. We have therefore decided to actively support organisations and individuals who find themselves in a difficult life situation. The first step in this strategy was the creation of the ANECT Fund Council (RFA), composed of employees.

The main purpose and strategy of RFA was to help namely in the social area in such way the donations were targeted at projects with long-term effect and biggest impact.

Since 2008, nearly 300 applications have been received, of which over 200 have been approved.


TJJ Lucky Drásov

TJJ LUCKY Drásov is an equestrian club focused on parkour riding, dressage, and vaulting (i.e., acrobatics on a bareback horse). You can find it in the middle of the Drásov village, in the courtyard of the house No. 47 (49.3354661N, 16.4792072E). As of now, the club has 48 members, mainly children.

ANECT fund council has been supporting the activities of this equestrian club for a long time, because it makes for a substantial contribution to activities for the young in both the village and the region. The also club cooperates with handicapped children, who can pursue para-vaulting.


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The club can be proud of a number of both athletes and horses representing Czechia. The members regularly take part in European and World Championships and they hold a number of Champion of Czechia titles. Among the most important club events are a series of parkour races called the ANECT Cup and also ANECT vaulting series, this event supports vaulting and para-vaulting races in our republic.

In 2015, ANECT helped to construct a ramp to ease mounting horses for handicapped clients.

TJJ LUCKY Drásov, supported by RFA, organizes an annual event called “(School) Certificates with horses”, when ANECT’s employees and their kin (mainly children) have an opportunity to spend an afternoon with horses.

Within this event, in September 2017, there was the “Connecting human exercise and horses”, which was organized by the club as a part of the European Week of Sport ( The objective of this event was to engage as many children as possible (but also adults) in exercises connected with the presence of horses. The activities were suitable for handicapped people, too. Both the children and the adults had the opportunity to ride horses and meet with the environment and facilities of the equestrian club.

2018 marked the 25th founding anniversary of both the TJJ Lucky Drásov club and ANECT itself. We celebrated this double anniversary at a Lucie band concert in Lucerna palace in Prague. Throughout the year, the club actively participated in riding events for handicapped children, namely from the ELPIS association, which ANECT also supports.

We’re happy TJJ Lucky Drásov helps, through its activities, handicapped children to develop, helps the local youth and raises excellent horses and we hope our cooperation will continue in the years to come and that we will celebrate together many other important anniversaries.