Case Study

WAN traffic measurement

WAN traffic measurement

ANECT was asked by one of its large public sector clients to help in optimising their Wide Area Network comprising dozens of locations. Each location contained one wireless link between two routers.

The client's requests:

Individual implementation phases:

  1. Proposal of a metering system using the Netflow technology included in Cisco routers.
  2. Deployment of a dedicated server with Netflow software.
  3. Setting up individual routers so that incoming and outgoing data flow would be recorded by the Netflow technology.
  4. Collection of Netflow data on the central server for archival and further processing.
  5. Preparation of metrics for evaluation of data flows through individual links and for reporting.
  6. Traffic measurement and evaluation.
  7. Preparation of detailed report on traffic through individual wireless links.
  8. Presentation of a Management Summary of the information from the detailed report, including comparisons between individual links.

Client benefits:

The result:

The use of Netflow technology simplified the traffic metering process. ANECT was able to use innovative methods and technology to provide added value to its client. In this project, ANECT was able to reduce the time needed for analysis of network traffic and speed up the topology change process, which brought significant savings in infrastructure operating costs for the client.

We can implement a similar solution in your environment. If you are interested in this solution and want to know more, contact your ANECT sales representative and/or fill-in our contact form.

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