Case Study

Optimisation of telecommunications service costs

Optimisation of telecommunications service costs

Client and existing situation

The client is a leading financial institution. As part of its cost-cutting program, the client decided to lower the cost of their fixed and mobile telephony services. As part of our analysis, we found that individual telephone lines were only using a fraction of the services provided for in the relevant contracts. The terms and conditions, service configuration and the prices in the existing contracts were also quite unfavourable for the client.

Our solution

Following the initial analysis, we have prepared a detailed schedule for reduction and service and plan settings for all individual telephone lines. We discussed possible exceptions from the global telecommunication service plan with the client and negotiated detailed service specifications with providers. After signing a new contract with the selected provider, we were able to save 60 % of the original telecommunication costs for the client. As a result, the client's yearly telecommunication costs were reduced by several million crowns.

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