Case Study

Definition of ICT security standards

Definition of ICT security standards

ANECT won a contract to define ICT infrastructure security standards for one of its large clients. The new security standards should reduce the risk of any intentional or unintentional breach of safe use of the ICT infrastructure and ensure compliance with all legislative requirements.

The client's requests:

Existing conditions:

Individual implementation phases:

Client benefits:

The result:

ANECT's input improved the client's ICT security by implementing current best practice and removed the risk of the client's organisation and/or its management being in breach of relevant legislation. Revised ICT security standards reduce the risk of internal and external threats to the client's IT infrastructure and data.

We can implement a similar solution in your environment. If you are interested in this solution and want to know more, contact your ANECT sales representative and/or fill-in our contact form.

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