ICT Operations and Management

Maintenance and Professional Support

With our Maintenance service provided 24/7, we can guarantee a HW failure resolution within hours anywhere in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We achieve such high service levels due to our spare parts stocks that are located in Prague, Brno and Bratislava.

Our professional support provides regular, guaranteed and controlled processes, targeted at preventing failures and solving the everyday operational requirements of your ICT infrastructure.

  • Guaranteed repair times within hours.
  • Resuming device functionality after system data loss.
  • Maintenance of identical parts (only one failure).
  • Telephone, email or on-site support for repeated issues involving operation of maintained technology.
  • Regular provision of information on new or existing products and technologies related to operation of installed infrastructure.

Infrastructure Monitoring and Reporting

The Infrastructure Monitoring and Reporting service is the first step to achieving high availability, reliability, credibility and security of data and information provided by client's information and communication systems. Along with other products and services such as maintenance, administration and professional support, a complex system is created to guarantee high-level availability of client's information and communication system. Reporting provides real-time information without a direct link to the environment status. This includes overview reports, charts with values measured over a period of time, and/or indication of trends in the measured values.

  • Maintenance available 24/7.
  • Members of staff ready to receive maintenance requests available 24/7 (no automated systems).
  • Highly-qualified technicians.
  • Regular and ad-hoc reports from monitoring systems.
  • Fully customisable reports.

Third Party Service Management

The product includes using ITSM processes, implementing tools and deploying solutions for efficient management and coordination of IT services provided by third parties. The product minimises the impact of emergency events and downtime on client operations, and ensures processing of user requirements. It also includes a Single Point of Contact (SPOC), a communication and escalation interface, monitoring of SLA performance and reporting of coordinated services.

  • Shorter maintenance times.
  • 24/7 operation.
  • Reduced workload for your IT department.
  • SLA under independent and objective control.

ICT Services Management System (ITSM)

IT Service Management (ITSM) enables implementation and management of IT service quality levels. ITSM focuses on harmonising IT processes with the needs of the organisation/operation/business.

ITSM is implemented in compliance with international standards, particularly the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library, currently ITIL 2011 Edition) recommendation and the ISO/IEC 20000 (formerly BS15000) standard, which is an international standard for IT Service Management based on the ITIL recommendations.

  • Efficient use of financial resources for IT operations.
  • Reliable IT operations supporting all processes and services within the organisation.
  • Clear and structured IT infrastructure.
  • Clear definition of responsibilities of operational staff.

Service Desk

A solution focusing on the support of IT operation management services within your organisation. Recording and management of incidents, issues, changes and configurations.

  • Each request and incident has a dedicated specialist who is responsible for it – a conclusive SLA.
  • Everything is solved through a workflow.
  • Everything is recorded.
  • Logs can be audited and traced back.

Optimisation of ICT Operating Costs

This product aims to lower your operating costs of telecommunication and data transfer services. The first part of the product evaluates your telecommunication tariff services, particularly mobile voice and data communication, land lines and Internet.

The second part evaluates the technical solution used for data transfers as far as technology, transfer capacity, data interfaces, QoS and SLAs are concerned.

  • Independent assessment of services provided.
  • Assessment of installation and monthly costs, contractual penalties and bonuses, etc.
  • Proposals for savings and new operational management services including contract changes.

Case Studies

Optimisation and refurbishment of the data network in Teplárny Brno

Optimisation and refurbishment of the data network in Teplárny Brno Teplárny Brno selected ANECT to refurbish and optimise its data network. The RFQ called for the preparation of an implementation project for two separate IT networks and a proposal for their interconnection through the company's IT systems, with subsequent implementation of the proposed solution in the client's environment.


Optimisation of telecommunications service costs

Optimisation of telecommunications service costs The client is a leading financial institution. As part of its cost-cutting program, the client decided to lower the cost of their fixed and mobile telephony services. As part of our analysis, we found that individual telephone lines were only using a fraction of the services provided for in the relevant contracts. The terms and conditions, service configuration and the prices in the existing contracts were also quite unfavourable for the client.



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