ICT Infrastructure

Cutting-edge Network and System Infrastructure

Cutting-edge network infrastructure includes technologies, standards and network devices which form an essential part of every IT system.

The system infrastructure is the aggregate of physical or virtual hardware devices, operating systems, monitoring services and directory services for user administration and standard office applications, particularly those enabling communication and collaboration across organisations.

  • Experienced and certified expert teams
  • Advanced ICT infrastructure solutions
  • Covering basic ICT needs of organisations
  • Data and information availability + mobility
  • Optimised ICT environments with low financial and energy demands
  • Efficient operational support

Our main ICT Infrastructure solutions include remote access to your organisation’s systems for your employees and external collaborators; wired and wireless connectivity for employees across your organisation; Wi-Fi for visitors and external personnel; directory services and system virtualisation.

BYOD Infrastructure

BYOD Infrastructure solutions enable controlled access to the network and system infrastructure of your organisation for employees of all levels who use their own devices (tablets, smartphones, notebooks, etc.) while working for the organisation.

  • Rules and safety in access control for mobile devices owned by visitors and employees.
  • Adaptable and controlled Wi-Fi, simplified authentication, automated authorisation.
  • Savings in purchasing and maintenance costs for workstations/terminals owned by your organisation.
  • Automated profiling, instant access and control.
  • Secure separation and operation of enterprise applications and content.

Cloud and Data Centre Infrastructure

This type of architecture is based on system and network infrastructure enhanced with solutions enabling high availability, central data storage, devices balancing computing power and workload, network and server-level virtualisation, and central back-up and archival.

  • Enterprise applications accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • No server overload problems.
  • No data centre capacity problems.
  • Zero investment in computing power – use exactly what you need.
  • Data at centralised and secure location.
  • Measures needed for uninterrupted data centre operation.

Workstation Infrastructure

Workstation Infrastructure is a set of technical devices, tools and operational procedures for minimising problems with user workstations and the cost of their administration, maintenance and licensing. We also provide replacement of physical workstations by virtual machines.

  • Centralised administration.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) support
  • Reduction of operating and energy costs.
  • Instant changes and easy replacement of failed end devices.
  • Increased data and information security

Case Studies

WAN traffic measurement

WAN traffic measurement ANECT was asked by one of its large public sector clients to help in optimising their Wide Area Network comprising dozens of locations. Each location contained one wireless link between two routers.



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