Communication and Collaboration

Video Conferencing and Telepresence

Our Video Conferencing and Telepresence solutions include several types of environment for remote collaboration for top management, government institutions and VIPs as well as for remote team and work group meetings using interactive video.

  • Direct personal communication.
  • Real-size image and superb sound.
  • Meeting room installations and/or personal office installations (VIP personal video conferencing).
  • Professional Telepresence environments.
  • Also available for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).

Unified Communication

Unified Communication (UC) provides advanced communication options for work teams and individuals. No matter where the individual team members are and what devices they are using, they can choose the most efficient form of communication, from voice and/or video, through Instant Messaging, to desktop sharing or conference calls.

  • Efficient document sharing simplifies electronic document editing.
  • Fast and efficient communication for busy users.
  • Optional chat history logging.
  • Availability information.

The Unified Communication technology is available for all standard devices, such as PCs, tablets and mobile phones. Despite this diversity, users will always benefit from the same ease of access, and they can use all collaboration methods available.

IP Telephony

IP Telephony (IPT) is an enterprise-wide telephone system using wired or wireless network infrastructure for more economical and better quality telephone and fax communication.

  • Video calls enabled.
  • Operation not affected by number of locations, users or geographical distribution.
  • Easy integration with other systems such as email, portals, access control, Service Desk, etc.
  • Calls may be recorded and searched/played back.

Call Centres

The Call Centres product ensures efficient processing of large volumes of incoming client requests or outbound client communication using calls, emails, fax, chat, texting or video.

  • Fast and efficient client handling by forwarding the call to a competent and available operator.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) functionality.
  • Call recording options, service availability monitoring.
  • Collection and evaluation of call/contact statistics, and campaign implementation tools.

Our Call Centre product is closely linked to our IP Telephony product and it often features integration with CRM and other information systems. The products are usually customised to suit the client's environment and needs.


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