SOCA belongs among seven CSIRT teams in Czechia

On February 10th 2017, we finished 2nd level of registration process of SOCA service to the list of CSIRT teams in the EU, and therefore we have acquired the status “ACCREDITED”. Now, we are connected to a closed group of teams which solve security incidents in different countries of the European Union. Thanks to this partnership, we have better access to information about appearance and spreading of cyber-attacks within the EU.
Currently, SOCA belongs among 7 CSIRT teams in Czechia with this level of certification. Most of these 7 teams are from academic area.

ANECT – Gold UNITY Partner of F5 Networks


In March 2015, ANECT became a Gold UNITY Partner of F5 Networks, which is the highest level of the F5 Networks partnership program. We are very proud of this achievement – so far only one more company in the Czech Republic has reached this level of partnership with F5 Networks.

F5 Networks is a global leader in Application Delivery Networking (ADN) technologies, delivering all-in-one-box ADN solutions. ANECT clearly demonstrated its profound knowledge of the most powerful F5 Networks hardware platform and proved its ability to help customers have maximum control over their business applications and network services. Our certified specialists are now able to provide individual consulting, sell the solution to customers, and provide post-sale support.

SOCA – System Protecting Czech Companies against Cyber Threats


ANECT has a new brand now – it is called SOCA (Security Operations Center powered by ANECT), and it has been developed by experts with many years of experience in IT security. SOCA is a complex security solution for your IT, and includes a variety of activities from monitoring and reporting to corrective and preventive measures and continuous improvement. SOCA can be implemented in a number of ways, and works particularly well for medium and large companies and corporations.
No organization or company can thrive today without accurate information that is delivered on time. The number of attacks threatening the availability, credibility and integrity of this information has been increasing steadily. The official statistics, however, mention only a few incidents with critical impact. Companies tend to hesitate whether to inform about the attack or not, and most attacks thus remain unannounced in the end.
The major advantages of the SOCA solution include significant threat reduction, higher security policy awareness and enforcement, and considerably higher information security in the whole company. Network administrators, IT managers and directors will also appreciate an overview of the network traffic and system performance. The analysis will provide them with complex information about the traffic in the network – the network security, threats, attacks and various anomalies both on the external perimeter and in the company network.
In addition to protecting your business and know-how, SOCA is also fully compliant with the Law No. 181/2014 on Cyber Security.
SOCA – taking care, protecting and monitoring



A large research was carried out last year, mapping the IT services market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and focusing particularly on CIOs, CFOs and IT Managers of companies and organizations who are authorized to make key decisions about IT investments. ANECT a.s. not only ranked as first, but none of the respondents noticed lower quality of the services being provided.

What were the main criteria for each of the providers?

Their annual turnover, their turnover in IT services, the number of employees, and the number of employees who are related to IT services. Also, the IT services market share of each of the providers was estimated as well as the annual growth/decline in their IT services turnover.

We would like to thank all our clients and partners for their trust.

From INSIDE Report 3/2013

Concept of BYOD and Security Operations Center by ANECT

On February 4, 2014, the Conference Center City in Prague hosted a conference for security specialists called Cyber Security. The conference focused primarily on the current security threats and risks in IT, but it also discussed various effective ways of risk mitigation with the help of modern prevention tools. Furthermore, the participants learned about a number of issues related to the Act on Cyber Security that is currently in preparation: what technological measures need to be applied, what impact it will have on real life, what is hidden in the data traffic and how to administer this traffic efficiently. Last but not least, the conference participants also learned about tools for corporate network protection that are available today.

The new Act on Cyber Security will be based on two principles and three pillars. The first principle is to minimize interfering in the rights of private entities. The second principle is individual responsibility for the security of one´s own information systems. The three pillars are as follows:

1. Security measures

2. Reporting on cybernetic security incidents

3. Countermeasures

Experience shows that about 80% of the technical background of the companies and institutions has been already built, yet it is still necessary to “tune up” the process security and also provide sufficient human resources. The above-mentioned issues will probably affect most government institutions as well as major companies and corporations in the commercial sector.

ANECT was the general partner of the conference. In their presentations, ANECT´s experts focused mainly on two areas that are now frequently discussed:

How to implement BYOD in a secure way? Or 5+1 steps to secure BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Today, the number of employees using their own “smart” devices, telephones and tablets can be as high as 20%. We believe that BYOD is a great opportunity for organizations to save money as well as increase their effectiveness and competitiveness. But as this trend is becoming stronger and stronger, it is important for companies and institutions to have clearly defined rules on how to use such devices. The concept of BYOD is convenient and provides great flexibility, but there is also a number of serious potential threats and risks – not only in terms of IT security, but also in terms of legislation, tax aspects and license use.

ANECT security experts presented the technological solution for secure and convenient access to network, but also outlined what solutions are needed in the area of legislation, taxes, mobile applications administration and convenient authentication.

Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

The second presentation by ANECT specialists focused on Security Operations Center (SOC) services.

They talked about security monitoring and how it should function – not just in terms of cyber-attacks detection, but also in terms of subsequent reactions and the requirements of the prepared Act on Cyber Security. It is very important to realize here that the Act, even though not mandatory for most companies in the commercial sector, may be a “good model” for many of them.

Simply put, the SOC is “smart monitoring” of security events, reacting to these events, providing reports, dealing with corrective measures in a systematic way, and thus ensuring continuous improvement.

However, having their own team of experienced specialists with knowhow of a variety of security technologies who are available 24x7x365 is a problem for most organizations and companies, both in the government sector and the commercial sector. And yet the number of cybernetic threats and the number of requests (such as the above-mentioned Act on Cyber Security or ISO certification requirements) are increasing sharply, and such expert teams become critically needed. The ANECT SOC (Security Operations Center) provides services, such as delivering various SIEM tools, creating links between these tools and critical company assets, providing regular reports, but also a full takeover and 24x7 monitoring and availability.

The new Act on Cyber Security is expected to become effective at the beginning of 2015. Let us get ready ahead of time and make sure that we are compliant with it.

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