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ANECT as a partner of LawTech Europe Congress 2013 conference

ANECT is a partner of the LawTech Europe Congress 2013 conference that will take place on October 21 - 22 at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague. ANECT will introduce ALUCID technology that is used to authentication of users and it represents modern and safer alternative to the standard login using the username and password. Come visit our booth and learn more.

ANECT celebrates 20 years


ANECT announces the 20the anniversary of its foundation. One of the leading Czech ICT integrators, ANECT was founded 20 years ago in the autumn of 1993, with only 5 employees. The company was the successor to BGS partners CS, s.r.o. As part of the celebrations, we have launched our new website with an improved product portfolio.

Since its foundation in 1993, ANECT has grown into one of the key players in the area of ICT services and solutions in the Czech Republic. Our first prestigious contract with a large financial institution was signed in 1995 and our cooperation with this client has continued until today. ANECT is also one of the leading service providers in the public sector and supplies ICT infrastructure to several Czech Government Ministries.

"From the very beginning, I always managed both the company and its employees to ensure that we provide the best quality services at a highly professional level, and that we concentrate on the final benefit for the client. The fact that ANECT has been going for 20 years is very stimulating for me, and I would like to thank everyone who has participated in this success and made sure we stayed at the top of the ICT game in the Czech Republic. I would also like to thank all our clients for their trust and especially for their honest and critical feedback, which help us react to the changing requirements and needs, especially in projects involving new and innovative solutions. This feedback enables us to continually improve our product portfolio and become not only a provider, but also a credible and useful partner to our clients," said Miroslav Řihák, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ANECT.

ANECT is currently planning to launch a revolutionary user authentication product, featuring our own ALUCID® technology, based on intuitive user authentication protected by asymmetric cryptography and up to three-factor local protection.

ANECT has won numerous awards and continues to improve its competency and certifications to be able to use the latest technology in its solutions. ANECT always acts responsibly and in accordance with the law. Our professionalism and ethical policies and integrity make us a very credible partner for any client. We always comply with our Ethical Code and adhere to the rules of our Integrated Management policy.

ANECT takes part in the Cloud and Virtualisation Workshop

27/ 9/ 2013

ANECT presented its virtualisation and enterprise infrastructure solutions, as well as the ALUCID® electronic identity protection technology at the Cloud and Virtualisation Workshop. The workshop took place in the Prague City Tower on September 25, 2013.

ANECT was represented by Tomáš Treitner, Business Development Manager specialising in ICT infrastructure and Petr Hummel, ICT security consultant from the ALUCID Section. In two sessions, they presented an efficient method of infrastructure virtualisation using CISCO products and the revolutionary ALUCID® user authentication technology.

"We are developing the ALUCID product further at the moment and we see it as being particularly suitable for electronic identity protection in cloud services. We can already offer cloud service providers unrivalled technology, increasing the security of all their authentication processes and thus positively influencing the credibility of their services," said Petr Hummel.

ANECT is a CISCO Gold Partner. Cisco is one of our most important technology suppliers. The portfolio of CISCO products is suitable for most types of solutions ANECT offers and user authentication is no exception.

ANECT partners the Check Point Security Day conference

26/ 09/ 2013

On Tuesday, September 24, 2013, the Check Point Security Day was held at the Andel's Hotel in Prague. The conference showcased new methods and tools for identifying weak security spots in enterprise ICT infrastructure.

Among other topics, presentations included security threats and trends for 2013 and security challenges for large corporations in the future. Another interesting presentation focused on mobile security and BYOD and included the opinions of a security expert. Pavel Srnka, ANECT's Project Manager, presented the 3D Security Report as a tool for security investment planning and protection.

"Getting funds for ICT security is difficult in the current cost-cutting climate. But if we have a tool that can help measure and quantify security threats and can correlate these measurements with an enterprise's assets, we win strong arguments for investment and subsequent protection in it. The Check Point 3D Security Report is just the right tool to use for this purpose, ", said Pavel Srnka, ANECT's Project Manager.

ANECT is a long-term Check Point Gold Partner. As the first partner in the Czech and Slovak Republics, we were awarded Check Point Software Technologies' ACE Partner status in 2009. We have extensive experience with implementing Check Point products and our detailed knowledge of their product portfolio allows us to offer our clients highly customised solutions.

Jiří Venhoda takes charge of the ALUCID® project at ANECT


Jiří Venhoda took up the position of ALUCID® Section Head at ANECT on May 1, 2013. His main responsibility is to develop a successful sales network to offer this unique authentication product both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

"Jiří convinced us that he will be an asset for our company and we believe his previous experience and his team will help us make ALUCID an internationally-successful authentication product," said Miroslav Řihák, Chairman of ANECT's Board of Directors.

Jiří Venhoda's previous work included IT consulting for top management. For three years, he worked at Accenture as a consultant for the financial services sector and in the last five years, he was a manager at McKinsey & Company, working with banking and telecommunication sector clients in many European countries. Jiří studied Cybernetics, Automation and Instrumentation at The Electrotechnical Faculty of the Technical University in Brno. During his studies, he studied and worked in research in Finland and Israel. In his spare time, Jiří likes to travel, climb mountains, take pictures and play billiards.

ALUCID® makes the Gartner Cool Vendors in Security for Technology and Service Providers 2013 selection


Gartner's analysts included ALUCID in the prestigious Cool Vendors in Security for Technology and Service Providers 2013 selection. The selection is published once a year and focuses on the most interesting and innovative security technologies from anywhere in the world. This year, ALUCID was the only European company among the four selected.

"We see this as the appreciation of the long-term research and development work of our team and confirmation of the philosophy behind the ALUCID technology. We believe this prestigious award will help us in gaining a favourable position for ALUCID in the authentication technology market. We are convinced that this is a chance to create a new and widely-used standard. We will soon release a new version of ALUCID, including a range of additional functionalities," said Miroslav Řihák, Chairman of ANECT's Board of Directors.

ALUCID is an authentication technology developed in the Czech Republic. It combines user friendliness and simplicity (no names or passwords), operational efficiency with low human resource involvement (automation of many processes throughout the life cycle of electronic identities) and a high level of security and personal information protection (random identifiers are automatically generated instead of information about real users and information is encrypted using the strongest cryptographic algorithms known). And the combination of all these features in a single product makes ALUCID stand out from all other available technology. ALUCID is already protected by U.S. and Russian patents, as well as patents for other important markets throughout the world.

ANECT confirms its Cisco ATP TelePresence Video Master Partner certification


ANECT demonstrated its know-how and experience in selling and deploying Cisco's advanced telecommunication solutions and met all requirements for confirming its Cisco TelePresence Video Master ATP Partner certification.

The Cisco TelePresence Video ATP programme includes face-to-face solutions, which provide clients with a telecommunication tool for remote communication with employees, customers, or partners. The credibility of teleconferencing is supported by high quality video and high-resolution sound. This allows us to sell, implement and manage such solutions and improve the quality of services to our end customers.

"The Master Partner certification means a better position and a competitive advantage for us in the Czech market. This success is proof of our development in the area of providing expert services for teleconference solutions, which allows us to offer our clients the best products and services from Cisco systems' portfolio. As the only distribution company in the Czech Republic, we own fully-equipped Cisco TelePresence teleconference rooms in Prague, Brno, and Bratislava and can demonstrate to our clients the strength of this solution and its advantages for their enterprise environment," said Jan Zinek, ANECT's Sales Manager.

ANECT is able to provide its clients with an efficient tool to improve their business interactions, develop stronger relationships with clients and speed-up the sales cycle and internal communication.

Vendula Nováčková appointed ANECT’s Financial and Operations Manager


As of March 4, 2013, ANECT has a new Financial and Operations Manager. The position has been given to Vendula Nováčková, who previously worked in the control department. Mrs. Nováčková becomes another woman in ANECT's top management.

Vendula Nováčková has been working at ANECT since 2010, when she joined the company as a controller. She was responsible for fixed head cost planning for individual departments, financial management of projects and ISO 20000 processes. In her previous career, she worked as Group Reporting Manager at DHL.

"We are very pleased to have been able to find our new Financial and Operations Manager from within our own ranks. Vendula confirmed her qualities, relentless energy and appetite for a new challenge in the selection process. Another big advantage is the strengthening of the feminine element in the company's top management, which is not that common in the IT environment. We firmly believe that gender balance can be a competitive advantage for ANECT," said Jana Vohralíková, Member of ANECT's Board of Directors.

Vendula Nováčková graduated from The Masaryk University in Brno, where she studied finance and specialised in corporate finance. She speaks English and some French. She spends her spare time with her family and likes sports, music, theatre and dancing.

New ANECT logo


To mark its 20th anniversary, ANECT has a new logo for 2013. The logo was designed by the author of the previous version, Aleš Najbrt, a renowned graphic designer who has been influencing Czech graphic design for a number of years.

The new logo features the numbers 93, 20, and 13. The numbers signify the year the company was founded, its 20-year anniversary and the current year. The new logo features on most promotional, sales and internal material, and on company cars and its website. The special logo will only be used in 2013 and ANECT will return to its original version on January 1, 2014.

"Our 20th anniversary is so important for us that we decided to communicate it in the company's logo. The new logo is very attractive and will make people think about the meaning of the numbers in it," said Miroslav Řihák, Chairman of ANECT's Board of Directors.

Company history milestones:

1993 – foundation of ANECT, 5 employees, first client KORDÁRNA a.s.

1995 – ANECT wins a contract with Komerční banka

1997 – ANECT Slovakia founded

1998 – ANECT becomes a Cisco Gold Certified Partner

2001 – ANECT obtains 'confidential' level security accreditation

2003 – ANECT obtains 'classified' level security accreditation

2005 – ANECT Slovakia wins the IPC PARTNER OF THE YEAR 2005 award

2008 – ANECT becomes official Symantec partner

2012 – ANECT obtains ISO 20000 certification

2013 – ANECT celebrates 20 years

ANECT gains new Competency: Microsoft Silver Communication


ANECT confirmed its abilities, know-how and technical expertise by obtaining the Microsoft Silver Communication Competency. This allows us to sell, implement and manage Microsoft Lync professional communication solutions

Microsoft Lync is a comprehensive unified communication solution. As part of the certification process, ANECT demonstrated professional know-how for efficient business and technological deployment of the product, technical certifications confirming sufficient resources for sustained provision of the solution and client references.

"Obtaining this new Competency qualifies us to implement Microsoft Lync and integrate it with other products in our portfolio, especially communication, cooperation, infrastructure and security solutions. This strengthens our position in the Czech and Slovak market for unified communication solutions," said Pavel Srnka, Head of the Project Division.

ANECT is a Gold Microsoft Partner and its specialists are certified for a wide range of Microsoft services and products. Our Silver Microsoft Communication Competency is complemented by Gold Desktop and Server Platform Competencies.

Business leaders support Karel Schwarzenberg


Miroslav Řihák, Chairman of ANECT's Board of Directors, has signed the petition to support Karel Schwarzenberg in the Czech presidential election, initiated by Vladimír Dlouhý and Stanislav Bernard.

Optimisation of telecommunication costs

Client and existing situation

The client is a leading financial institution. As part of its cost-cutting programme, the client decided to lower the cost of their fixed and mobile telephony services. As part of our analysis, we found that individual telephone lines were only using a fraction of the services provided for in the relevant contracts. The terms and conditions, service configuration and the prices in the existing contracts were also quite unfavourable for the client.

Our solution

Following the initial analysis, we prepared a detailed schedule for reducing this and service and plan settings for all individual telephone lines. We discussed possible exceptions from the global telecommunications service plan with the client and negotiated detailed service specifications with providers. After signing a new contract with the selected provider, we were able to save 60% of the original telecommunications costs for the client. As a result, the client's yearly telecommunications costs were reduced by several million Czech crowns.

We can help you reduce your telecommunication costs. To request a free analysis of telecommunications services used by your company, call: +420 271 100 100, or Email: